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Mental health plays a huge role in the jury system.Discuss.


The jury system leaves a major decision that could change a person’s life, or simply take it away, to twelve individuals that have not studied law or been trained for the role that they are given. An individual could lack emotional intelligence, or intelligence at all, and wrongfully say that another person is found guilty. A choice this life changing should be left to decide by people who spend their time and dedication studying the law and how it works, rather than twelve individuals who have no idea what they are doing, other than making judgements, as if it is every day society.

Juries can be easily manipulated

A.      A juror could lack emotional intelligence and stability without realizing so themselves; making them easily influenced.

B.      The ability to separate their personal experiences and bottled up feelings, if they have them, while focusing on the case at hand.

Juries are not equipped for the same situations and environments as lawyers and judges

A.      Generally talking, the average person does not have a full understanding of how the law works or how to view stories from multiple different perspectives.

B.      Lawyers and Judges have been well equipped to handle situations that a jury probably has not experienced, which could lead to a potential criminal walking away with no time.

Mental health plays a huge role in the jury system

A.      There is said to be many jurors who experience post traumatic stress disorder after having to make the decisions that were made and not knowing whether or if they made the correct decision

B.      Juries could be left feeling threatened or scared to say someone is guilty, triggering them to give feedback that is false to how they honestly view the case.


A.      Restate topic

B.      Summarize three main points

C.       Revisit introduction or tie all ideas together

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