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Explain how you perceive Moons society to be in comparison to Americas. Include opinions, voice. Choose to write it to EXMM library file (extraterrestrial mass media) or to an American newspaper.

History Assignment: Explain how you perceive Moons society to be in comparison to Americas.
Include opinions, voice. Choose to write it to EXMM library file (extraterrestrial mass media) or
to an American newspaper.
Introduce character…
The United States and the Moon’s existence came about in sort of the same way. White
men, ‘discovered, founded, then colonized’ both lands. However on the moon, it was a was miles
of atmosphere to travel not oceans sailed. That made for things to be a little more complicated.
Also considering the moon wasn’t liveable at first. Many people had to study the planet and
create a way of living here. It began with plants, then a long time of trials to assure the moon
could sustain life, and is currently where I am now year 2379. Originally we didn’t even stick to
the planet… we would just float away. But after many years of technological advances, the moon
became the home planet to millions. The slave market thrived in the U.S beginning as early as
the 1500’s and persisted until the 1800’s when the thirteenth amendment abolished slavery.
However racism and segregation lived on.
The first earth people to inhabit the moon were scientists, then followed by the public.
Although only earth’s elite and wealthy could afford to uproot their secure lives, pay the great
expense of travel, and take the risk of life on the moon. Then they colonized and the moon had
civilization. The people who now civilize on the moon, are called mooners. Mooners live the
ideal, secure ‘American Dream’; Now the conception of that dream has changed likewise the
We live much more elite and exclusive/rare lives that many on earth I would think envy.
But my observations have concluded this hypothesis: we are redoing American history like I said
a nicer, better, rarer but we are repeating all those civil/cultural mistakes. Technologically we’ve
advanced to depths unimagined but when dealing with society the same mistakes are being
repeated. Similar to the racism and discrimination and segregation that was able to sustain so
long in American especially the south. Here the division is by classes, the segregation is more
discrete, and the racism has been substituted by prejudice and stereotypes.
Putting into words how unique more than that, unanticipated my daily life is really like.
“Wow”. Basically all the aliens live in what would be called an igloo for Americans. I also have
to add that aliens are in other terms the lower class. It’s not cold like it would be on earth, the
Moon is a constant 73 degrees celsius. Aliens live in igloos because they are cheap material,
small, and the most criticized reason is they are not high end. For those who live in the igloos,
their jobs are always of aid to mooners of higher classes. With the technological advances the
help is minimal and that is why the number of that class never exceeds 1,000 mooners of the
9,000 total population. They colonize together in a large area with boundaries set by trees. That
area includes a ice school, and smaller businesses also of minimal (niceness). Class two, the
Gloppers are scientists, engineers, lawyers, doctors people with professions of those sorts. Better
said as people with knowledge of subjects like these. A business like a law firm works now with
only about 12 partners, and possibly a couple extra hands. There is no need for more employees
than that, more is inefficient. These jobs also continue to run out of a separate residence than
their homes. They live together with class three but never in the same neighborhood. These
families usually have a eight to nine month outdated products. Adolescent Gloppers in terms of
American receive a top ten rated public school education. Praws who are the third class have
professions of secrecy, or in need of security, business owners who have work that extends to
other plants. These individuals commonly have their inferiors portaled into their homes for
exchanges and meetings that must happen in person. The portal system works like an ez car pass.
Those with access can walk through the portal and off they go. Of course because of the Praws
wealth, its uncommon for them to not have about 3,000 square feet of office area. The young
Praws receive an American level education of a formal, established, private school.
Population growth was a foreseeable problem that Mooners didn’t account for but quickly
fixed with new architecture. Nothing has been done to fix the injustice that lives within our
society. The lowest class faces such great ignorance. Rarely are they even acknowledges by the
Praws or Gloppers, I am uninformed but I also don’t see a way for them to opt to return to earth
for an alternative life. Separation by wealth, the intolerance of defiance or judgement, the
prejudice that drives the class system. All resembling too closely to the slave market that wasn’t
stopped until the thirteenth amendment, and worse the racism that was an active protest until
2200. There is no opportunity for Aliens and as history repeats its course no change can be
expected for a long time. My final response to how I perceive the moons society to earth’s; is we
have shown how to live a significantly easier, more extravagant, leisure, sustainable life. What
we lack as a society is the ability or desire to offer that to all citizens. American history clearly
shows that leads to defiance and setbacks. Mooners must change this wrong before the inevitable
problems rise, and make our society unstable.

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