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Compose an analysis of a significant two dimensional artistic work or a sculpture.

Session Two Analysis
This Analysis must be a minimum of two pages of text (not counting images), 12 point Times New Roman, double-spaced, in APA format. You may omit the title page. Spelling and grammar will be considered in the grading of this assignment.
After you have read chapters one and two of the text, compose an analysis of a significant twodimensional artistic work or a sculpture. If you choose a two-dimensional art work use the Sample Outline and Critical Analysis on page 66 the text as your guide. If you choose a sculpture use the Sample Outline and Critical Analysis on page 82 of the text as your guide.
It is better if you can see the work first hand at a museum if one is nearby, or access the work through the internet collection of a larger museum, and then search for closer images that allow a more detailed observation. Here is a list of a few major museums with significant online collections. You can use your search engine to find their web sites: The Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York), The Art Institute of Chicago, The British Museum (London), The Louvre (Paris). Of course, there are others available, as well as your local museum (if you have one). If you live near Greenville, SC Bob Jones University has a significant art museum. If you live near Columbia, SC you could visit the Columbia Museum of Art.
Warning: Most art museums do not allow flash photography of their art. Some do not allow any photography at all. Ask first. If you break the rules you may get escorted out.
If you must use an image from a web site, here is how you do it:
1. Right click your cursor on the image 2. Select SAVE IMAGE AS 3. File Name: Name the file whatever you want 4. Save Image as: JPEG Image 5. Click DESKTOP or other location you want to save the file 6. SAVE 7. Now use the instructions on INSERTING an image into a document from the Session One Analysis
Finally, please attach to your document one image of the two-dimensional work or a couple of images of a sculpture. Your analysis will be evaluated according to completeness, thoughtfulness, integration of textual material, and craftsmanship. It is important that you demonstrate within the analysis some understanding of the terminology associated with visual art from chapters one and two.

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