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Interpret the Information Provided In Part 2b and Explain How the Information from Derek Affects.


Server problems or crash can spell absolute disaster in an institution. The crash in the servers is likely to specific websites. The website downtime is likely too negatively affect the overall business progress in a big way. Most companies run everyday functions on the servers enabling them to perform various tasks such as sharing business files and data, accessing shared business files and data, receiving and sending emails, and hosting the business website. From the case, the institution received reprint issues with accessing the external websites. Also, the mails were slow in delivery and the remote workers/partners were finding hard to access the partner server and getting into the VPN.

Determine whether any specific issue can be identified from the firewall log.

The servers are highly functional because they service multiple clients at the same time. Besides, single clients can connect to the servers from a remote location. Because of the services provided by the servers and the nature of the problem it is essentials that they run appropriately. The problems detected were slow page load and overload (“Cyber Security Fundamentals”, 2019.)

From the case, it can be noted that most traffic occurred on 20 December 2018 at 14:18 hours. The rise in the traffic to the server and the website created a drain of resources because the servers had a finite amount of resources. When the overload occurred it meant that server resources such as bandwidth, RAM and CPU were pushed to their limits.

Another major issue was detected in the slow page load (the emails were taking longer periods to accomplish). The remote workers were finding quite difficult to access the partner’s server.

List Any Other Devices You Could Get or Ask for Information from To Back Up Your Thoughts.

The server status on various websites can be checked to determine the number of persons that were accessing it at one point in time. Also, the IP address of the source can be evaluated to determine if they are authentic. The number of sources accessing the mails should be compared with those accessing other destinations such as the apps. The comparison can indicate the side that causes the server to perform abnormally. The web application performance must run smoothly and should also be user-friendly. The well-oiled application and website represent the face of the institution, they serve as a mark of progress, innovation, and reliability.

Make a Tentative Remediation Plan That You Can Implement Once Your Theory Has Been Confirmed.

To mitigate the problem of overload the hardware used in the server ought to be enhanced. Properly balancing the server load and upgrading the computers can mitigate the risk of overload. Besides, managing server load through balancing and forming a server cluster can help to reduce the potential of overload.

The email delay time can be solved by optimizing content. The content can be minified to shorten the basic programming patterns, combine files, and reduce whitespace to make the website to run faster.

Describe Your Communication Regarding the Incident Taking into Account the New Information.

The parties to be contacted in this case include the owners of the business, the management, and the employees. All the parties have vested interest in the business implying that the server breakdown is likely to affect the. The employees might not send their mails in times due to delays which will breakdown the communication. The management will be blamed for the generally poor performance of the company. On the other hand, the shareholders will receive limited returns because of poor performance.

The Purpose of the Communication.

The communication will explain the reasons for the poor performance of the server. The users of the server will be educated on how to prevent the issues from occurring again. Also, the individuals will be taught on the best method of preventing jamming the server with unnecessary traffic.

When the Communication Would Occur.

The communication is supposed to occur once the assessment of the server and the issues causing delays have been identified. The solution to the problems should also be highlighted.

Case Study Part 2b

You listed the stakeholders or teams that needed to be contacted.

The business owners will be contacted first followed by the management. The last parties to be contacted will be the employees. All the parties should understand the problem as well as the solutions. Besides, they should be informed on the best way of preventing the recurrence of such issues in the future.

Interpret the Information Provided In Part 2b and Explain How the Information from Derek Affects.

The information from Derek will prompt the team to perform extra analysis. Derek stated that he observed the main internet router and abnormal traffic. Besides, Derek observed that the CPU utilization was way higher than normal. The source of the traffic would be investigated. Derek noted that the physical resources were operating as required. However, the network connections were higher than expected.

Describe Your Communication Regarding the Incident Taking Into Account the New Information

The stakeholder to be contacted in this case are the users of various servers. The users reported problems when using external websites. The partner workers were having issues either in accessing the servers or getting into the VPN. Informing the parties will clear any form of anxiety.

Form the Communication Would Take

The communication is intended to inform the parties about the causes of the server breakdown. Besides, the findings from the evaluation process will be presented. The stakeholders will be informed on various ways of solving the stated problems and preventing future reappearance.

The Purposes of Communication

The communication is intended to clear any form of concern as well as offer an explanation on the reasons for the server breakdown. The communication is also supposed to sensitize the parties on ways of preventing jamming the system with unnecessary traffic.

When the Communication Would Occur

The communication should occur when the report is being presented. At that point, an explanation will be issued on the reasons for the slowdown in the company’s processes.


Server monitoring can prevent problems before they occur. The process helps to detect any viruses or bugs in the systems helping the company to avoid major issues that could lead to loss of productivity and server downturns.


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