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Hemingway Story – Analytical Essay: Explore, in detail, each literary element within the short story.

Word count one this Paper CANNOT CONTAIN 20% above or below the required word count. AND/OR More than 10% direct quotes.

The purpose of an analytical essay is to deconstruct a story based on the literary elements it contains. These literary elements include plot, character, setting, point of view, language, tone, and style, symbolism, and theme. The analysis should consider the author’s background and other literary critiques of the story.
This essay should:
• Briefly describe Hemingway
• Explore, in detail, each literary element within the short story you have selected.
• Support the analysis with evidence from the text and other critiques.
• Provide outside critical analysis (virtual library)
• Be 1000 words long.
• Have an integrated, direct quote from the text support the thesis in each of the body paragraphs.
• Be written using APA
• Use APA guidelines for citation, both in-text and on a References page.
• Use 3rd-person only to write this paper.
• Be submitted as a MS Word .docx file.

Responses will be submitted by attaching a MS Word .docx file. Responses should be written in complete sentences in proper standard written English. Check responses for grammatical and spelling errors, maintain a professional and respectful tone, and answer the question thoroughly.
Plagiarism will result in a zero for the assignment.

Precise, succinct thesis statement with obvious main idea and controlling idea; original and compelling.
All body paragraphs are unified and coherent; each body paragraph contains one distinct point; each body paragraph has a topic sentence that is directly related to the thesis; supporting sentences all relate to the topic sentence.
Minimal grammar, spelling, or mechanical errors (at most 2).
Introductory and concluding paragraphs are compelling and creative; sentence structure is widely varied (simple sentences, compound sentences, complex sentences), exceptional use of transitional phrases, academic/elevated/creative word choice; appropriate tone; no slang or informal language

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