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describe what actions to take to validate the proposed solution and assess its effectiveness. You must explain what need to tested and how the testing will be conducted.

Minor Thesis Project Proposal




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Background and Project Problems

In this section, you need to give clear and brief explanations on:

1) What your company does

2) What the product/system/process is for the study

3) What the characteristics of the product/system/process are

4) What the current problems are

5) What the exact focus of the project is (i.e. the need to have this project)

Expected Outcomes

In this section, you are expected to clearly describe what the project intends to deliver and targets to achieve after its completion, e.g. design a new layout, design of a new work procedure, redesign of current product/system/process, design of a new/special device or jig,  best settings of key machine/operation parameters, etc.

Expected Benefits

In this section, you need to give specific statements on

·         what benefits the project is to offer on its completion and

·         how to assess the effectiveness of the project


Expected benefits must be specific and measurable. Whenever possible, you need to provide quantitative targets for assessing the effectiveness of the project outcomes, e.g. % of productivity improvements, units of safety/quality improvement, $ of cost reduction, etc. Try to avoid using general statements to describe outcomes without explaining the measures.

Project Plan

A project plan should contain two basic components:

1)      Clear description of how you are going to conduct the project step-by-step. You need to define key tasks of your project which usually cover analyzing current product/system/process, initiate data collection and problem identification, identifying suitable techniques, developing concepts/solution alternatives, final solution selection and detail design, testing and implementation, validation.

2)      Clear timeframe for each step of your project.



According to the nature of your project and project plan, you may elaborate the following tasks so that people can understand how you can achieve your project aim clearly.



Analysis involves:

1)      Analyzing the characteristics, key attributes, problems, and constraints related to the product/system/process under study

2)      Analyzing the suitability of identified techniques and solutions against the defined assessment criteria for selection

3)      Analyzing the performance (e.g. function, strength, reliability, etc) of the proposed solution after its implementation


You must provide clear descriptions and rationale of the analytic elements related to these three aspects.



Solution can be related to:

1)      Design/redesign hardware, which include material selection, structural design, mechanism design, etc.

2)      Development/modification of a process or operations procedures.

3)      Design of experiment for identifying best settings of parameters


You must provide clear descriptions of the focus and tasks involved in the project for developing solutions.



Integration is for implementing the proposed solution to incorporate it into the existing system. A new solution must be compatible with the context of its application. You are expected to describe here what needs to be done for the integration.



In this section, you need to explain what cost issues will be considered in this project as budget constraints and/or expected outcomes



In this section, you should describe what actions to take to validate the proposed solution and assess its effectiveness. You must explain

1)      what need to tested

2)      how the testing will be conducted

List of References

Give a list of references that you used to prepare your proposal. Use the Harvard-UniSA style.


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