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How are (or might) people in other parts of the world affected by seeing Hollywood movies and television shows about your chosen topic?

Your Final Project for Global Studies 188 is to write an Essay about one of five topics that we have discussed or will discuss during the course.

Your goal is to make a researched and convincing argument concerning Hollywood’s real or potential impact on America’s global image.

I want each of you to imagine that you have the chance to present your ideas and opinions to a cross-section of Hollywood studio executives, producers and filmmakers.

You have an opportunity to convince key figures in the entire entertainment industry that Hollywood movies can or already do have an impact on how America and Americans are perceived in other countries. Your paper is directed at the very people who make the kinds of movies that we’ve been watching.

Your paper should be in the form of an essay. You should start with an introductory paragraph that contains an overview of your arguments and then in your essay, you should make sure you answer the following questions:

One: How are (or might) people in other parts of the world affected by seeing Hollywood movies and television shows about your chosen topic?

Throughout the quarter we have been speculating on Hollywood’s real or potential impact on people abroad. Some of you who are from foreign countries or cultures have been talking about your own experiences.

But for your essay, I would like you to find some evidence. I would like you to find articles or essays written by foreign journalists or cultural commentators that back up your own opinions.

The vast majority of the articles that I have given you analyzing the films we have been discussing are from American writers or journalists. For your paper, I want you to find foreign writers and journalists.

These articles can be published in foreign newspapers, magazines or on foreign based websites. They can also be written by non-American journalists or bloggers who are based in America. But it is important that your evidence comes from sources that have a foreign perspective.

Important note: While you are writing about one of the five topics we cover during this course, unlike our group discussions, you are not limited to the films we have watched. You may find articles and essays that bring up various other movies or television shows as examples and you should feel free to use them.

Two: In combination, how would you say Hollywood movies impact America’s global image?

This is different than Question One. To best answer Question One, you will find articles (by foreign journalists) offering opinions on the movies themselves and the political & cultural topics on which the movies focus.

To best answer Question Two, you need to think about how all of these different opinions combine to paint a picture of America (or specific aspects of life in America).

My hope is that once you complete your research and once you have read various opinions and perspectives, your answer to this second question will become clear.

A few final administrative details:

LENGTH: The paper should be a minimum of three pages, single spaced.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: There should be a bibliography at the end of the paper that does not count as part of your three pages.

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