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Crime in the UK: Deliver a presentation that demonstrates your understanding of the measurements of crime in the UK.

Your presentation must include the following:
• An explanation of the compilation of official statistics on crime in the UK.
• An explanation of the difference between the reporting and recording of crime.
• An analysis of the reliability of statistics on a specific crime.
• A table which compares the validity of a minimum of two named sources of establishing crime rates in the UK and summarise the differences between these sources.
• An analysis of the factors which contribute towards a broader understanding of crime, in particular unreported crime in the UK.
You will need to produce a set of slides using PowerPoint or similar software. You can then use these to support the delivery of your presentation. Any notes that you have used to support the delivery of your presentation must also be submitted.

Your presentation will need to be video recorded and the relevant file submitted as part of your assignment. The video must clearly show you delivering the presentation with your slides in the background. A copy of the slides you have written and used will also need to be submitted.

Your presentation should be a maximum of 20 minutes in duration.

This time limit is the absolute maximum you are permitted. If you are over the time limit for this assignment in any way you will receive your assignment back without further comment or feedback.

Refer to the study materials in the ‘Academic Writing Skills’ unit for detailed guidance as to how to structure, produce and deliver a presentation.

Refer to pages 14-15 of your course handbook for guidance as to how to upload your video file to the system.

Relevant theory must be referenced where appropriate and a references list provided. Your presentation should also contain appropriate diagrams to support your commentary. If these are taken from published sources they must be referenced accordingly.

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