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Pop culture analysis: Gender fluid fashion


UNIT I. Pop Culture Reflection and Analysis

A minimum of 1-2 pages 

Purpose of the assignment.

Essay 1. Reflective Paper. For this assignment you will analyze a pop culture text (television, radio, film, cartoons, video, etc.), its message, its rhetorical context, its historical context, and its elements of persuasion; and you will reflect on how the text either shapes your identity or experience or how your identity or experience drives your reaction to the text.  How is your identity and experience confirmed, informed, challenged, redefined, complicated or misrepresented?

Scope – the purpose of this assignment is to choose one specific example within a broader category to write about. Some research is required; if you do use borrowed content, it must be cited properly.


You will develop a formal Harvard outline (See p.442). Each entry should contain full sentences. You may expand the outline format to suit your needs. Roman numeral I will state the intended message presented. Roman numeral II will present your analysis of the intended audience. Roman numeral III will analyze the element of persuasion. And Roman numeral IV will reflect on how the pop culture text shapes your identity or experience.

Based on the outline, you will develop a 1-2 page essay (6 paragraphs) reflecting on the elements suggested above. Your essay should include an introduction with thesis which identifies the pop culture text being used and motivator. You should also include a conclusion with reworded thesis and clincher.

Be sure to edit and proofread your final draft.


  1. Motivator
  2. Identify the title of the artifact, the date it was created and who created it.
  3. Thesis expressing your reflection on/reaction to the stated
  4. Analyze the Rhetorical Context (See p. 232)
  5. Identify the purpose of the artifact
  6. Identify the genre (subgenre) of the artifact
  7. Identify the intended audience of the artifact

III. Analyze the Original Historical and Cultural Context (See p. 232 and p. 247-248)

  1. Identify the original historical, cultural, social and political context of the artifact
  2. Identify the possible social meaning(s) of the artifact
  3. Analyze the Persuasive Effects (See p. 233-248)
  4. Identify the potential image/message(s) of the artifact
  5. Explain how the artifact persuades, using multiple appropriate descriptive elements and strategies
  6. V. Reflect on how this pop culture artifact shapes your identity or experience artifact and/or how your reactions to this pop culture are shaped by your identity or experience (See p. 232)
  7. Identify a relevant aspect of your context (identity/experience)
  8. Explain your reaction to the artifact
  9. Explain how your context was influenced by the artifact or how your context informed your reaction


  1. Reworded thesis
  2. Clincher
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