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Police funding: Discuss whether or not these additional funding sources are worth keeping?

For many years local and state law enforcement agencies have routinely received additional funding from sources other than local or state government in order to implement a variety of initiatives, programs, projects, and crime reduction strategies. There has been increasing concern by some people about these sources, which include: Police foundations, Federal grants, asset forfeiture programs, and the military acquisition program (DOD 1033 Program). State and local have received funding or equipment through these program for such a long period of time they have grown reliant on these funds to fiscally manage police operations. While critics have advocated ending these funding sources, law enforcement agencies are lobbying to retain them despite the increasing criticism and political pressure. Information about these programs are included in this unit.


Discuss whether or not these additional funding sources are worth keeping? Are they so controversial keeping them creates such a negative effect on the public opinion of policing that it negates the financial benefit for law enforcement budget enhancement? If they are eliminated, how will the funding be replaced? If they are kept, are their ways to reduce the perceived negative aspects of the programs. You may select which funding source(s) to research, analyze, and discuss.



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