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Discuss how and why the United States got involved in World War II.

Using at least six of the documents below, discuss how and why the United States got involved in World War II. You should also utilize information from the textbook and slides to construct your argument. I have attached four different materials. The WWII_Assignment_.pdf is the instructions and the documents needed to construct your argument (remember you only have to use six and be sure to cite what document you’re using, so if you’re referencing something from document A be sure to cite at the end (Doc A)). The modelessay.pdf is a sample format of what the essay should look like. The WWII_chapter.pdf file is pictures of pages from the textbook to provide you with outside information for the essay and so is the powerpoint that is attached. Since I have attached the powerpoint and textbook chapter, there’s no need to look up outside information, just use the powerpoint and textbook chapter. For sources,‚Äč all you need is to put what document you used and remember you need at least six.

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