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American Maintenance Staffing: Using the “Contents of the Written Paper” guidelines, write a paper and attach a copy of the article to the completed paper and bring it to the first class meeting.

Locate an article regarding your chosen airline’s management, schedule, or marketing (pick one). Using the “Contents of the Written Paper” guidelines, write a paper and attach a copy of the article to the completed paper and bring it to the first class meeting.

  1. Use APA Style formatting in your papers.

Examples of acceptable primary source articles may be found in following authored writings: professional journals, airline magazines, Wall Street Journal, N.Y. Times, Washington Post newspapers.  Unacceptable articles (e.g. USA Today) will result in an automatic five (3) point deduction.

Primary Source = First = Original

Such as:

  • Original writings of an author
  • Interviews and personal accounts
  • published books, newspapers, magazine clippings published at the time
  • Speeches
  • Statistics
  • Research studies
  • Memorandums, letters and press releases
  • Annual reports

Secondary Source = Not First = Not Original

They include:

  • A discussion about another person’s work (writings)
  • A journal/magazine/newspaper article which interprets or reviews previous findings
  • Government documents
  • Articles about research studies

Contents of the Written Paper

Papers must contain the following:  a title page, abstract, body of the paper and a      bibliography (reference) page.

Label each paper as Written Assignment #1,

Use APA format. Your paper should be no longer than 5 pages, typed, double-spaced, have one inch margins, using a 12-point font and have a minimum of 3 references.

Please staple papers in upper left-hand corner – do not put the paper in a plastic cover, folder, or other page protector.

Papers will be evaluated on a 25-point basis as indicated below.

  1. 4 Points   Summary

Using your primary source article explain the issue. Use as much detail as needed to explain the issue.  (cite your primary source in this section)

  1. 12 Points  Support your position.

Include what other airlines are doing with respect to your topic? Is this similar or different than what other carriers are doing.  Explain.   Total of 3 points

Use a minimum of two (2) additional sources from secondary sources to support your position (this will be 2 citations).

Your paper will contain a minimum of three cited references.

Each reference citation is worth 2 points: total of 6 points.

Correct written use of each citation is 1 point each: total of 3 points

  1. 4 Points           Recommendations

From your perspective, explain how you feel this (these) issue(s) could be resolved and/or benefit the airline as a whole. Is this article good or bad for the company?

  1. 2 Points          Writing Skills

Student paper uses complete sentences, proper use of grammar, wording, vocabulary, spelling and terminology.

  1. 3 Points          Bibliography

Correctly list all of your sources.

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