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Aviation Biology: Research how the ‘leans’ and ‘pitch-up’ illusions affect aviation safety.

Avmed Assignment
Written assignment
Due date: 27 September 2019 at 1700
Weight: 30% (marked out of 30)
Task description: There are many inflight illusions associated with the vestibular system. Understanding these illusions and their impact on aircrew facilitates the mitigation of risk of adverse consequences.
Research how the ‘leans’ and ‘pitch-up’ illusions affect aviation safety.
Criteria and marking: Ensure that your research report follows all formal academic requirements in terms of layout, referencing etc. The APA referencing system must be used.
The report shall be approximately 1000 words in length (Minimum).
Submission: Please submit this assignment online via the Turnitin link on Blackboard.

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