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Name the stain used in this technique for visualizing DNA under UV-light-How can you visualize the separated DNA fragments in this technique ?

Botany 🦠BIOTECHNOLOGY : PRINCIPLES AND PROCESS | Q&A❓️ | IMP.QUESTIONS CHAPTER 11 BIOTECHNOLOGY :PRINCIPLES AND PROCESSES 1.Observe the figure given below : (a) Identify the process (b) Write the steps of this process 1 , 2 and 3 (c) What is a primer? (d) Name the enzyme involved in this process . (e) Give its […]

In some viruses, capsomeres function as enzymes as well as structural supports. Of what advantage is this to the virus?

Microbiology Assignment 1-How does commercial sterilization differ from sterilization procedures used in a hospital or laboratory? 2-Outline the steps in the production of cheese, and compare the production of hard and soft cheeses. Which bacteria seem to be most frequently used in the production of food? Propose an explanation for this. 3-Explain the effect of […]

Research online for the nutrition facts of that food item to locate the total number of calories which come from that food.

Cost of Junk Food Think of your favorite junk food (this is the fun part!). Make sure you pick a food that you know is not healthy. This could be something you treat yourself with on occasion, or a food you only eat in your dreams – you choose! Be specific on the amount of […]

Explain the effects of the disease on healthy body structure and function and how these effects relate to signs and symptoms.

Final Part: Understanding Health and Disease Part II: Evidence-based Diagnosis In this section, you will discuss the evidence that clinicians gather to diagnose the two diseases/disorders that you selected for Part 1. Use only credible sources for your Part II sources Part II submission should include the following information for both diseases you chose in […]

What are some obstacles to making your project a reality, and how would you overcome those obstacles?

Biology Project – Removal of Methane gas using coal packing A video recording of your presentation (100 pts). You can use Kaltura, Zoom, PowerPoint audio recording feature, or any video ( only voice )( no video) recording method that allows you to show your presentation slides. Google Slides are not permitted! There are errors with […]

Explain what happened to the survivor fish that swam from the Gulf of Mexico to the freshwater lake.

Biology Osmosis   All cells contain a plasma membrane or cell membrane that forms the boundary of the cell. Among its many functions, it will act as the gatekeeper to regulate what materials can move into and out of the cell.   Water moves easily across this border. Water movement is essential for the cell […]

Calculate the change in absorption using the formula ABS0 – ABST (Absorption at time 0 min – the Absorption at time T min) and place the values in Table 2.

Biology Report The data you will need to answer the following questions are listed in Table 1. Table 1: Color, estimated pH and absorption every 10 min from the bicarbonate solution. Time (min) W Syringe G Syringe Color Estimated pH Absorption Å Color Estimated pH Absorption Å 0   Red/Purple 8.8 0.779 Red/Purple 8.8 0.761 […]

State who the condition primarily affects and explain why-Name the body system and organs the condition affects.

ANATOMY Clinical application Pick 3 of the clinical application listed below that were listed in the chapters covered this semester. For each of the 3 topics, you must answer the following: Define the Condition State who the condition primarily affects and explain why. Name the body system and organs the condition affects. Discuss Treatments and […]

Pick a particular organ or organ system. Describe how that organ or organ system contributes to maintaining homeostasis.

Discussion 6 Pick a particular organ or organ system. Describe how that organ or organ system contributes to maintaining homeostasis. Then, describe a condition/disease of that system that hinders that organ or organ system’s ability to do its job to maintain homeostasis. Be detailed.  

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