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Implementation of education innovation on (Recognizing and managing a change of condition on a long-term care unit)

Implementation of education innovation on (Recognizing and managing a change of condition)
Audience for this innovation are 15 registered nurses working on long-term care unit.
1. Identify your purpose. Lack of knowledge and confidence in Recognizing and Managing an Acute Change of Condition on a Long-Term Care Unit(ward).
The problem is that nurses failed to recognize or demonstrate the knowledge in managing patients with change of condition causing unplanned hospital transfer, complications and death of patients on long-term care unit (ward).
15 registered nurses are the audience for this training. Nine multiple-choice quiz was used as pre and post survey
2. Analyze assessment and/or evaluation data
3. Identify implications, a plan for continuous improvement, and conclusions
4. Disseminate the innovation in writing

• Title page (Recognizing and managing a change of condition)
• Abstract
• Introduction (priority educational need to include significance and relevance) and description of the evidenced based innovation on Recognizing and managing a change of condition)
• Presentation and interpretation of assessment/evaluation data (attached data)
(evaluation, data analysis, project effectiveness, intended outcomes)
• Implications for health/nursing education (including recommendations for continuous improvement and next steps)
• Conclusion

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