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Produce a 1500 word photo essay about what human rights and social justice means to you, based around 12 photos taken by you.

Research Assignment – Photo Essay (30%)
For this assessment, students are required to produce a 1500 word photo essay about what human rights and social justice means to you, based around 12 photos taken by you. The requirements for the task are based on the methods and approaches of Photovoice (www.photovoice.org). Photovoice is a qualitative research method that explores social issues and social change using photography and text. In essence, you will be required to take a series of photographs that capture and illustrate what social justice and human rights mean to you. Your photo essay will comprise 12 images. Each image must be accompanied by a 30-word reflection explaining why the image is important to you. Each photo reflection should consider the following questions: What is in this photo? Why did I take this photo? What does this photo mean for me? In essence, the image and short text should be sufficient to evoke the intention of the photographer. Be creative in the way you present your photo essay, the colours you use, the style, the title etc., and use the photos and reflective text to provoke the thoughts of the reader. Your photo essay will include an introduction, body and conclusion (1500 words – this includes the 30 word reflection for each of the 12 photos). Introduction (about 550 words) l Provide a discussion of what social justice and human rights mean to you. This discussion aims to provide a context for the reflections and analysis of your photographs. l Introduce the theoretical concepts and arguments that underpin social justice and human rights in relation to the themes in your photos (use your sources here). l You might want to refer back to a specific article in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights or another specific convention to frame your discussion. The body (about 360 words) The body of your essay will include the 12 photos and the 30-word reflection for each photo. Conclusion (about 550 words) l Further interprets the photographs by linking your own understandings or meanings of human rights and social justice with the ideas/theoretical concepts of the literature as discussed in your introduction. In other words, use academic references to support the claims you make about the photographs (7-10 references are required for this piece of assessment). l This will demonstrate your thinking about your photographs from the perspectives of human rights and social justice, and how you have used other scholars’ work to help you frame and interpret them. Submission: To be submitted via the Photo Essay drop-box on Blackboard by midnight on the due date. Submission via Turnitin Assessments must be submitted via the relevant Turnitin submission points in Blackboard. Each assessment will have separate DRAFT and FINAL submission points set up in Blackboard. l The Draft submission point will allow one submission, for which students will receive feedback from
Faculty of Humanities School of Media, Creative Arts and Social Inquiry

 ANTH3003 Human Rights and Social Justice Bentley Campus 20 Jul 2019 School of Media, Creative Arts and Social Inquiry, Faculty of Humanities Page: 4 of 13 CRICOS Provider Code 00301J The only authoritative version of this Unit Outline is to be found online in OASIS
Turnitin in the form of a Similarity report. Submitting a draft is optional, and draft submissions will NOT be marked. l The Final submission point will allow only ONE submission which will be marked and late submissions are allowed as per the late assessment policy. When submitting a Draft assessment, please ensure that it is submitted to the Draft submission point which relates to the relevant assessment.  Submitting a draft assessment to any other assessment point (Draft or Final), may result in a text match in Turnitin, and possible self plagiarism inquiries.

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