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An argumentative essay based on at least two articles, both from your own field of studies (where field of study is UX/UI)



Argumentative essay


  • Write an argumentative essay based on at least two articles, both from your own field of studies.
  • Your task is to formulate your own argument about a topic that relates to the two articles you choose.
  • You should come up with your own title (do not use the title of the assignment!)

Purpose: to demonstrate that you can create a unique argument (thesis statement) about your chosen topic and combine information from two scientific articles to justify your arguments.

Think first:

  • What is the thesis statement of both articles? (The main argument of the authors)
  • How do the articles relate to each other? What similar themes/arguments/ideas do they contain?
  • How do I think the articles relate to/argue for the theme that I choose. What is my interpretation (argument) about how the articles discuss the same themes? What connections can I see between the two articles?

Make sure you have:

  • A clear, concise, and defined thesis statement that occurs in the first paragraph of the essay, introduction (1 paragraph)
  • Logical body, with transitions from one paragraph to the next
  • Clear conclusion (1 paragraph)


  • your argumentative essay should be approx. 2000
  • use double spacing and font size 12.
  • use Times New Roman or Arial.
  • remember to write in academic style! So pay attention to grammar, spelling (run the paper through spell check), vocabulary use, sentence construction etc.

For additional help and guidelines, see:





argue state  refute the claim suggest criticize
Claim report argue against Recommend  
contend explain      
maintain discuss      
insist illustrate      
posit observe      


Remind your reader that you are paraphrasing by using “reminder phrases,” such as:

  • The author goes on to say that …
  • The author further states that …
  • (Author’s last name) also states/maintains/argues that …
  • (Author’s last name) also believes that …
  • (Author’s last name) concludes that


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