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Describe and write balanced chemical equations for at least one common reaction in which the element is involved.

1.Give the name and symbol of the element with atomic number and mass number. Tell the number of protons, neutrons, and electrons.

2.Tell the date the element was discovered, where, and by whom (if known). If the element was discovered in antiquity, tell which nation or tribe was the first known to use the element.

3.Tell how or why the element got its name.

4.Give the following data about the element:

melting point and boiling point


most common ionic charge

phase at room temperature

5.Describe the appearance of the element. Include information on


what it feels like

degree of hardness or softness (you may use the Mohs scale, but also describe qualitatively
6.Tell about the sources of the element. Include

where in the world it can be found,

in what form it is found (liquid, solid, gas, solution

)if it is found pure or in a compound

name the types of compounds it is found in

describe at least on method for purifying the element, include balanced equation showing how to purify the element if appropriate

7.Describe and write balanced chemical equations for at least one common reaction in which the element is involved.

8.Tell how the element is used today and how it was used in the past. You should try to find at least three uses total.

9.Give the economic importance of the element. For this item, think about ways the element is used. How would your life be different if this element was not available? Give specific reasons and exact details.Format:Your essay should have the following form:

1.Informative title

2.Introductory paragraph –states explicitly the “goal” of the essay. This paragraph might explain the background of the problem or posed question(s).

3.The body –here is where you address the guiding questions.

4.Concluding paragraph –reiterate what you set out to do and wrap things up.

5.References citedYou will submit your essay within Canvas. You will also be assigned two essays to peer review through Canvas. You should consult the rubric and make comments in the rubric and in the general comments box rather than making comments directlyin the paper.

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