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Find a research article on the chromatin or on the nucleosome.What two main points did you understand from the abstract?Discuss

Find a research article on the chromatin or on the nucleosome. Attach the article as a downloadable file. Evaluate the article by answering the following 5 questions about the article. The answers require explanations. Simply answering yes or no is not acceptable. Justify all of your answers. A minimum of 10 lines of text is required for answering each question. The 10 lines is based on writing it in Microsoft Word (or equivalent) using Font Arial and Font size 12, with margins of 1 inch on the left and right.For one of the questions (you can select Question 5), specifically post a false response, that from a cursory reading looks accurate. Try to make your justification as believable as possible, that is, do not make it obvious that that answer is the false answer. Write down your thought process when creating this false answer.
1.What two main points did you understand from the abstract?
2.What methods were used to conduct the research? Why were they appropriate?
3.What key finding did you see in the results?
4.Provide a summary of the author’s conclusions.
5.Were the conclusions accurate for the results presented in the paper?( choose wrong answer for this one)

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