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Was the use proposed by this development project consistent with the intention of the comprehensive plan? Describe.

What are the patterns of growth and development in the community which prompted this project? Discuss the factors causing this growth. (i.e. commercial development in the area, new schools or colleges being built or planned, efforts to attract retirees, manufacturing facilities being built or planned,
a migration to newer housing and less congested living conditions, etc.)

Discuss the development history of the community and whether or not this project (1) is consistent with the development trends or (2) is a new trend in community development?

What areas are prone to development? What have been the trends of past developments, both in physical location and types of development (i.e.
single-family, ownership multi-family, rental, mixed use commercial, professional, low and moderate income residential). Does this project tract trend or set another trend? If so, what is that new trend?

Discuss whether or not this project enhances the community development
or enhances further deterioration of certain areas of the community.

Address whether or not there are problems in the community such as housing/building deterioration, need for redevelopment, need for different types of development, a deteriorating tax base, and similar issues. Are
out-migration and declining property values occurring in the community?
If so, please describe. How does this project impact these community problems?

Are or were there legal issues regarding this project?

Describe court intervention, if any. Did the jurisdiction require any
transfer of property to a governmental unit? If so, describe. Was there
any mitigation regarding environmental issues. If so, what are they? Did the developer object to these requirements?

Describe how well this project complies with the intent of the comprehensive
plan. Or has there been a change in the comprehensive plan to accommodate
this project?

Was the use proposed by this development project consistent with the intention of the comprehensive plan? Describe.

Describe the role the governmental planner maintained regarding this

Neutral public servant, building of community consensus, an entrepreneur,
advocate, or an agent of radical change?

Describe the social issues of the project

Private community? Affordable housing? Deed covenants restricting certain
uses and conduct?

Describe the developmentā€™s impact on transportation, economic impact,
environmental and energy issues.

Will transportation improvement needs to be made? Increased size of roadways,
additional or improved signalization, additional buses or routes? Will commercial
development provide jobs and increased sales tax revenues? What the environmental and energy issues. What endangered species are located on the
development site.

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