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Discuss different crisis response strategies. Give a wide range of recent (a) political, (b) commercial and (c) NFP PR crisis situations to support your arguments.

Define the practice of public relations and underscore its importance as a valuable and powerful societal force in the 21st century. In you answer outline and analyse examples of PR use across society today. Is PR a profession? Summarize the challenges facing the profession and how they may be overcome. Provide a range of appropriate […]

Compare and contrast classical anarchism with anarchism after 1945.

Description ESSAY QUESTIONS CHOOSE 1: 3.5k words. 1. To what extent is anarchism a product of the European Age of Ideologies, the rise of the modern nation-state and the emergence of industrialism? 2. What were the connections between William Godwin’s political philosophy and English Radicalism? 3. In what ways did Stirner affect the histories of […]

Was the use proposed by this development project consistent with the intention of the comprehensive plan? Describe.

What are the patterns of growth and development in the community which prompted this project? Discuss the factors causing this growth. (i.e. commercial development in the area, new schools or colleges being built or planned, efforts to attract retirees, manufacturing facilities being built or planned, a migration to newer housing and less congested living conditions, […]

How low socioeconomic status effects young children in education.Discuss

Topic:How low socioeconomic status effects young children in education.Discuss what type of interventions are helpful for adolescents with substance abuse problems; what causes homelessness, etc. Revise your assignment 1 and incorporate my comments and suggestions on your assignment 1, as part of Assignment 2.

Review the budget revenues and expenditures, including their trends, to gain a more thorough understanding of how future year city services might be affected if these trends continue.

Description Review the included city budget spreadsheet below. As a city manager prepare an executive summary of hypothetical city budget. Ensure to explain revenue and expenditure trends, fund balances and what the change in fund balance might mean to future requests for citizen services. Provide at lease four charts or graphs to supplement material. Remember […]

Identify the stakeholders and analyze the political impacts of accepting or denying this request on each stakeholder group.

Prepare a memo to city council of Port Orange, FL that analysis the city budget requesting to increase funding for “two-officer cars” on every shift, everyday of the year. Analysis of how funding request will affect the budget which includes, the necessary increase to the budget to meet this request, assuming the average officer salary […]

Explain views of whether citizen engagement in budgeting during the public sector budgeting process is a good idea.

Description Explain views of whether citizen engagement in budgeting during the public sector budgeting process is a good idea. Include views of citizen engagement in budgeting might be different, depending on if it is local, state or federal budget.

If the organization does not utilize social media, why not, and do you believe they could benefit by using it?

Social Media has become an effective way for emergency service organizations to communicate with the outside world about what is going on inside their agencies. In the department you work for, or where you live, what social media strategies and platforms has the department implemented to interact with the community? If the organization does not […]

Discuss how data collection and trend identification can aid in a fire chief’s forward planning efforts.

Let’s assume you are the chief fire officer for your local fire department. You are writing a new handbook for chief fire officers within your region. For this assignment, you will be developing the section of the handbook that specifically addresses fire department organization and structure. For any department-specific information you use as examples, you […]

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