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Ientify what you believe is an ethical dilemma faced by both the site supervisor Mrs.

Case Scenario 9: “I Feel Uncomfortable”

Read and review the case scenario.

School counseling intern Juan Torres is a 25-year-old Puerto Rican man who is interning at a predominantly White high school. His site supervisor, Mrs. Lindt, has contacted his university supervisor and professor Dr. Cottone with concerns. When Dr. Cottone asked Mrs. Lindt about her specific concerns, she seemed vague in her description. Dr. Cottone asked whether Juan was showing up for the internship on time, as well as was he carrying out his direct and indirect hours at the high school. Mrs. Lindt responded that Juan arrived on time for the internship, conducted himself appropriately, and participated actively in his internship. Dr. Cottone went on to inquire if the counselees had any concerns and/or issues, and Mrs. Lindt replied, “No.” Dr. Cottone’s last question was related to Juan’s attire and Mrs. Lindt replied that he is always dressed appropriately. She simply stated that she was “uncomfortable” with Juan being there.

School Counselor Supervisor Feels Uncomfortable

Referring to the ACA Code of Ethics and the ASCA Ethical Codes for School Counselors, identify what you believe is an ethical dilemma faced by both the site supervisor Mrs. Lindt, and the university supervisor and professor, Dr. Cottone.

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