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Brief description of the type of trauma or crisis.

Brief description of the type of trauma or crisis.
Overview of possible emotional, behavioral, cognitive, relational, etc. responses to the type of trauma or crisis
i.e. what type of responses might family members generally expect and/or be prepared to see in their loved one
Ways family members can be supportive of their loved one.
This may include general suggestions, but you should also include suggestions that are as specific as possible
Resources for family members to take care of themselves.
Recommendations for additional resources that family members can access that help them understand the experience of their loved one.
Such resources may include websites, additional readings (articles, books), support groups, etc.
Be sure to review the resources you recommend to ensure they are of good quality.
Any additional information that would be helpful for family members regarding to your topic.
A separate page that includes a reference list of resources you cited in your handout.

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