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What types of social work interventions could be used for: remedial, preventive, and developmental orientations to practice with this type of trauma?

Integrative Reflection Paper/Biological Impact of Trauma Respond to all of the following: 1. What guidance do you need to be able to respond practically to this human rights issue in your practice as a social worker? (2.5 pts) 2. How will you utilize a trauma-informed approach when responding to this issue in your practice as […]

Discuss with your preceptor the culture of your organizations and what are the potential problems.

Assess the culture of the organization ( a rehabilitation hospital for cardiac, stroke and trauma ) Patient who go home to complete rehab after being inpatient for certain amount of days), for potential challenges in incorporating the nursing practice intervention. Use this assessment when creating the strategic plan. Discuss with your preceptor the culture of […]

What DBT principles or skills fit with your style/approach and what other interventions or techniques would you want to apply?

One of the challenges of DBT is being able to validate client experiences (acceptance) while also setting limits and holding the client accountable to make changes from maladaptive patterns. This can be especially challenging when we know the client has a history of severe trauma. How do you balance support while also holding the client […]

In her horror and rage she hits her husband over the head with a blunt object. Can the M.E. determine which was the cause of death-suffocation or blunt force trauma? Explain

Question 4 (25 points) A woman arrives home from work and finds her husband with a plastic bag over his head to kill himself. he appears to be struggling to breath. The wife sees her young son dead of a shotgun wound just feet away. In her horror and rage she hits her husband over […]

Brief description of the type of trauma or crisis.

Brief description of the type of trauma or crisis. Overview of possible emotional, behavioral, cognitive, relational, etc. responses to the type of trauma or crisis i.e. what type of responses might family members generally expect and/or be prepared to see in their loved one Ways family members can be supportive of their loved one. This […]

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