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What strategies did you use at the time to handle the situation?What is a psychological or behavioural strategy you could have used to build your resilience in that situation?

How resilient are you? Consider a current or previous work or study situation where you were faced with a task that did not go well, or the outcome was not as you would have liked. Answer the following questions: 1. What was the situation you were facing? 2. Why was the outcome something you did […]

Describe the physical, psychological, and emotional effects Mr. M.’s current health status may have on him. Discuss the impact it can have on his family.

In 750-1,000 words, critically evaluate Mr. M.’s situation. Include the following: Describe the clinical manifestations present in Mr. M. Based on the information presented in the case scenario, discuss what primary and secondary medical diagnoses should be considered for Mr. M. Explain why these should be considered and what data is provided for support. When […]

What is an example of a major psychological test or assessment used in your field?Discuss

  The Cognitive Behavior Therapy Test briefly, and then provide step-by-step guidelines for ensuring adherence to the ethical standard of assessment. In your main post, be sure to address the following: What is an example of a major psychological test or assessment used in your field? What are some characteristics of the test, its uses, […]

Choose a location in the United States from where your fictional family hails and from where it begins its journey.Discuss

Your task specifics: Imagine that you’re part of a dynamic family unit located in some unique (remote/congested/dull/exciting/exotic) part of the American landscape. Whether it’s in the city or the country, your family exists in a kind of physical and/or psychological isolation. Your fictional family is on a journey…a trek.. a crusade if you will, and […]

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