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What is the importance of storytelling (in all forms) to the development of cultural and personal values? Does this science fiction story provide any insights and revelations about the world in which we live?

1.Compare the themes explored in both District 9 and “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings” . Use specific examples from both works. Discuss the parallels of the treatment of the “other” in our own society. How do we make people the “other” in our own society? Wikus, the human, is given a less conventional name than the alien […]

From your readings on the Vietnam War, evaluate the American role in Vietnam from 1961 to 1975. Was the United States able to fulfill its objectives?

1. The “Jazz Age,” the “Roaring Twenties,” the “Turbulent Twenties,” and the “Dollar Decade” all describe the decade of the 1920s. Which label, in your opinion, is most accurate? Justify your answer in an essay describing the decade’s major events and problems. 2. The actions of African-American civil rights activists had a broader effect on […]

Prepare a legal memorandum that analyzes the constitutionality of a Congressional amendment that delegates judicial and legislative authority to the BORS, as described above in Facts.

The University of Virginia case involving alleged violations of the Human Cloning Act (HCA) is one of the most complex investigations the BORS has faced. The case involved diverse legal issues that raised questions of whether the HCA and the BORS legal authority is sufficient to handle such complex cases that might arise in the […]

Analyze how individual differences and organizational constraints affect decision making. Identify ethical considerations in decision making.

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper on decision making. In your paper, include the following: Explain the rational decision-making model. Discuss dealing with biases and errors in decision making. Analyze how individual differences and organizational constraints affect decision making. Identify ethical considerations in decision making. Provide examples to support your points in the paper. Include […]

Find an important question to discuss about the text. For example, if you read the story of Adam and Eve, you might wonder whether God knew about the serpent’s plan to corrupt people. Did God know about the serpent’s plans?

Create an argument about a reading, imagine how other people read it and offer your response in which you disagree with their interpretation. Here is an example of how you could develop an argument about the story of Adam and Eve (in the Book of Genesis): 1.Find an important question to discuss about the text. […]

Are officers being hesitant in using force, placing themselves and the public at risk? Will law makers need to enact legislation to redefine the vindication for use of force?

Present day, it is evident that policing is going to be reformed in reference to the use of physical force, I believe that extreme constrictions will be mandated, and policing will be revolutionized once again. I will focus on the 21st Century Policing Initiative that has been in the execution stages for the past few […]

Craig Ewert gives a lot of arguments for why he should use Physician Assisted Suicide (PAS). What is one you agree with? What is one reason you disagree with? What is one reason you struggle to understand or accept?

1.What is the difference thesis? Who is against it? Who is for it? What do you believe? Why? Talking about death is hard –discuss end of life planning (in the abstract if you prefer) with someone you’re close to. It need not be serious but try the conversation our and see what happens! Journal briefly […]

Prepare an office memorandum that addresses; Whether authorizing the BORS to regulate all interstate commerce violates Article I, Section 8 of the United States Constitution.

Facts: Congress is considering an amendment to the Human Cloning Act that would allow the BORS to: Regulate all interstate commerce, and Hear all cases appealed from the Federal district courts that involve issues related to cloning. Senator Caster questions whether this amendment to the HCA is constitutional, and she has sought an opinion from […]

Decide whether your restaurant is going to be socially responsible by implementing a corporate social responsibility plan; provide an argument that supports or challenges the decision to implement the corporate social responsibility plan for the restaurant.

Businesses created in the United States are required to comply with U.S. laws and must act ethically. Recall that the law creates a minimum amount of behavior obligatory by businesses in humanity, whereas ethics requires more. Ethics is a major consideration in examining the actions of managers and the function of business organizations. An ethically […]

What does your judgment with respect to that last question mean? Should we form beliefs based on arguments like this?

Select just one topic. 1. Present one of the following two interactions: Kant and Anselm, or Descartes and Hobbes. This requires you to present both the argument from Anselm or Descartes and the criticism from Kant or Hobbes. Evaluate the interaction. Is the critic’s objection a good philosophical objection? (You should have a rough idea […]

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