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What groups SHOULD be concerned about this policy but are not? Why should they be involved?

What are the historical antecedents to the policy?
How has our nation’s policy response to the social issue developed or changed over time?
How our nation had identified to our social issue, how has our nation responded to…ex.(mental health=prison)
What are the similar policies in other states or nations?
How did different nations or states handle the issue. Pick one- states or nations.
What corresponding and/or interacting policies that exist at the federal, state or local levels?
Any level ,federal, state
Is the passing of this going to correspond with any other laws or policies that exist
The Policy Itself
What are the values and ideology involved with the social issue and policy response?
What should be, what shouldn’t be, what ought to be,
Theres a social issue and then there is a bill
There’s a social issue- the ideology beliefs system and then we social issues ( environment should someone go to jail for being forced to live somewhere?)

Might say in the bill (this is overseen by the department of …..)
What agency will administer the policy/program?

Costs: What are the costs (financial and non-material) and what are the benefits (financial and non-material)? If funding is provided in the bill, is the funding adequate?
How does this cost our society, how does it impact our society
Time Frame: If passed, when will the bill be implemented?
This is when it takes action, this is when it comes a law. When passed the law will become implemented if it does not have a time in the bill
Program Evaluation: How will/could/should the program’s efficacy be evaluated in the future?
How will, could, or should,
What would you look at to seee if the bill was actually creating change or not
Policy Advocacy Strategies
What are the supporting and restraining forces for this policy?
Support it getting passed and aganist it getting passsed
What groups are concerned about this policy? Identify supporters and opponents, as well their activities in regard to this proposed policy?
Who should be concerned about the bill but is not (ex. Maybe a bill about kids rights and teachers are not looking at it)
What groups SHOULD be concerned about this policy but are not? Why should they be involved? Why do you think they are NOT involved? What could/should they do?

What did you do to advocate for/against this policy?
Each student is expected to write a letter to at least two policymakers expressing the student’s position on the policy AND SEND IT. Include the letter in your appendices.
What more could/should you do to advocate for your position?

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