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Define dynamic pump and briefly state its characteristics and working principle-Compare between dynamic and positive displacement pumps.

Mechanical Engineering

Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering

University of Jeddah

ENME 457:  Pumps & Hydraulics (SEM-III 2022-23)

Assignment 1: Fluid power, fluid machinery & Fundamentals of pump

Part A: Fluid Power

  • Define the term fluid power. Explain any five benefits of fluid power for the users.
  • Compare between a hydraulic and a pneumatic systems.
  • What are the major functions of fluid power? State any five fluid power machineries and their end users.
  • Sketch the basic hydraulic system and state its major components.
  • Sketch and explain the spring load accumulator.
  • How are the control valve classified? Write the classification of the control valve.
  • Name and compare the four different types of power systems.
  • An elevator raises a 3000 lb load through a distance of 50 ft in 10s. If the efficiency of the entire system is 80%, how much input horsepower is required by the elevator hoist motor?
  • How much torque is delivered by a 2 hp, 1800 rpm hydraulic motor?


Part B: Fluid Machinery

  • Define turbo-machine. Explain the working principle of power absorbing and power producing turbo-machines.
  • Briefly discuss how the turbo-machines are classified in terms of i) power, ii) pressure change, iii) path of flow and iv) housing system.
  • Briefly explain the principal parts of a turbo machine.
  • Enlist the major characteristics of a positive displacement machine.
  • What is positive displacement machine? How does it compare with a turbo-machine with respect to the following aspects: i) Mode of action, ii) Operation, iii) Mechanical features, iv) Efficiency of energy conversion, and v) Volumetric efficiency?


Part C: Fundamentals of pumps

  • Define pump and briefly state its importance and classifications.
  • Write a short note on Noria, Egyptian and Archimedean pumps.
  • Define positive displacement pump and briefly state its characteristics and working principle.
  • Define dynamic pump and briefly state its characteristics and working principle.
  • Compare between dynamic and positive displacement pumps.


NOTE: You should study all the questions listed above for exam and quiz. For submission of assignment, answer the bold questions only. Your answer must be handwritten!


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