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Describe the key interview inclusion criteria for your potential participant(s).

Qualitative Mock Study Worksheet

Part 1 – Research Alignment

This week you will begin to develop your qualitative mock study. For this assignment, you will state the problem and purpose of your study, write a research question(s) and sub-questions (if applicable), and review and analyze your alignment of these components.

Complete each section below.

State the Problem

State the problem, including the consequence(s) of the problem. Remember: Without a consequence, you don’t have a problem; you have a situation. Write your problem on a new line below.

Example: The problem is [state the problem], resulting in [state the consequence]. Note: Be sure to provide an APA formatted citation for this problem and reference(s) in the appropriate section at the end of this document.

Purpose of the Study

The purpose statement describes the goal of the study and includes the following elements: the purpose of the study, the subjects/population who will participate in the study, the geographic location of the study, and the research methodology used in the study. Write your purpose statement on a new line below.

Example: The purpose of this qualitative [research design] study is to [state the purpose of your study].

Research Questions Research Question 

The research questions are overarching questions that will guide your qualitative study. Sometimes researchers incorporate a single central research question, while other times, multiple research questions are used. If a single research question is used, at least two research sub-questions should also be included. See the CDS Dissertation Guide and Alignment Handbook in CDS Central for some additional information and examples. Write your research questions on a new line below.

Examples of how research questions could begin:

  • How…?
  • ..?
  • In what ways…?
  • ..?

Review and Analyze your Alignment

Now review your problem, purpose, and research question(s). Be sure that you have used proper qualitative word choices (as discussed in previous weeks). Briefly explain how your problem, purpose, and research question(s) align. Write your response on a new line below.

Part 2 – Ethical Considerations

This week, you will continue to develop your qualitative mock study through an exploration of key ethical considerations. For this assignment, you will describe issues related to role, access, and ethics in qualitative research studies and their relationship to research design.

Complete each section below.

Role of the Researcher

Using your mock study topic as an example, explain the role of the researcher in qualitative research. Write your response on a new line below.

Access to Participants

Think about what participants you might be interested in interviewing or observing for your qualitative mock study. Describe how you will gain access to these participants, including any relevant steps needed to gain permission to access these individuals. Write your response on a new line below.

Ethical Considerations 

Discuss any additional ethical considerations in your qualitative mock study. Think about aspects of confidentiality, credibility, etc. Write your response on a new line below.

Part 3 – The Interview Protocol

Use your qualitative mock study topic to complete the following interview protocol. Be sure to complete all sections unless they are marked with N/A. Insert your responses in each section below.

Interview Specifics

Time of Interview: N/A

Date: N/A

Place (in person, Zoom, etc.):

Interviewer (your name):

Participant(s)/Interviewee(s): N/A

Position of Participants/Interviewees

Describe the key interview inclusion criteria for your potential participant(s).

Project Description

Describe your project using basic language your participant(s) will understand.

Research Question Guiding your Mock Study

Write the research question that is guiding your mock study.

Interview Questions

Write 8-10 questions interview questions.

Closing Message to Participant

Write a closing message to the participant(s).


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