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Choose the skeletal system, you would not only describe in your own words the major anatomy (structure) and physiology (function) of the system,


Anatomy and Physiology II final paper

Your final project will be a 5-7 page paper, focusing on DIGESTIVE SYSTEM of RABBIT. You will use this system as the starting point, and then relate it to the other systems we have studied. For example, if you choose the skeletal system, you would not only describe in your own words the major anatomy (structure) and physiology (function) of the system, but you would also talk about how the muscular system is attached and how nervous system enervation effects skeletal movement and health, how the endocrine system regulates growth and cellular turn over, by using the special sense of sight you can direct how the skeletal system moves in space, how the circulatory system and digestive system work to bring in nutrients and remove wastes, etc.

Your book does this process in several of the chapters. You can certainly use that as a jump-off point, but remember, in your own words! Additionally, you will need a lot more detail than the book provides.

The goal of this paper is to get you thinking about how no system is operating in isolation, rather everything works together to support the underlying principles we talked about in module one in detail and the core of this course:

  1. complementarity of structure and function,
  2. hierarchy of the structural organization, and
  3. maintaining homeostasis.

You should insert labeled images the discussion of your chosen system. You may also use drawings of your own making (they can be uploaded as photos) to help with your paper (they do not count in terms of pages, however!). They do not have to be professional – using colored pencils/pens and sketching is fine. This is not an art class, no judgments will be made on your artistic ability. Additionally, you may trace diagrams from your text and use those as a basis for your diagram as well.

This is a project where you really can demonstrate all that you have learned with your hard work this year!


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