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Discuss the relationships between the theoretical concepts and models and their application in specific situations

SBS Argumentative Module (MAN00111M) 2022-2023

The Purpose of the Argumentative Research Project
The Argument is the final stage of the Master’s degree and provides you with the opportunity to both gain and show that you have gained the necessary skills and knowledge to organise and conduct a research project. It should demonstrate that you are skilled in conceptualizing, designing, managing and delivering a research project, involving: identifying an area, or areas, suitable for research and setting appropriate research objectives; identifying and critically reviewing relevant literature within the topic area; selecting an appropriate research methodology; locating, collecting, organising and critically analysing relevant primary and/or secondary data, drawing on relevant authoritative literature in the field; drawing conclusions; and, if appropriate, making relevant recommendations and indications of areas for further research.

Aims of the Argumentative Module
The aims of the Argumentative research Module are to:
• Put into practice theories and concepts learned on the Master’s Course
• Provide an opportunity to study a particular topic in depth
• Show evidence of independent investigation
• Critically consider and combine relevant theories and, where appropriate, suggest alternatives
• Enable interaction with practitioners (where appropriate to the chosen topic)
• Show evidence of ability to plan and manage a research project within deadlines

Successful completion of the Module will demonstrate that you are able to:
●Discuss an academic research project, involving defining, designing and delivering an academically rigorous piece of research
Discuss the relationships between the theoretical concepts and models and their application in specific situations
● Show evidence of a deeper understanding of your chosen subject area
● Apply knowledge of research philosophy and methods
● Critically analyze significant bodies of relevant literature in the chosen topic area
● Undertake active research involving collection of primary and/or secondary data

  • Engage with ethical issues in undertaking academic research
    ● Discuss the process and decisions to be made in managing a project within strict deadlines and appreciate the significance of and gain experience of designing an appropriate research plan
    ● Appreciate the practical implications and constraints of both practical academic research and your specialist topic area
    ●Demonstrate a more rigorous and critical thinking perspective and skills, particularly in the selection and review of relevant literature, analysis of data, consideration of and engagement with different conceptual and knowledge perspectives, and preconceptions and assumptions of self and others
    ● To learn strategies of, gain experience and develop skills in writing up a well- presented and substantial piece of business, management and organizations academic research, in a way that demonstrates academic rigour and credibility, and is both persuasive and convincing; of ‘learning the craft of academic writing’
    ● Critically reflect on research knowledge and skills achieved and their relationship to future development and employability




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