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What ethical guidelines or professional standards apply to the situation and can guide you in your decision-making?

Discussion Board

For this week’s Discussion, review the scenarios and ethical dilemmas below*. Select an issue of interest to you and conduct a search for additional information in the Walden Library or on the Internet related to the issue you selected that could guide your response. Then, consider the following:

  • What ethical issues or implications might exist around your selected scenario?
  • What consequences could result from unethical practices or the perception of unethical practices in the given situation?
  • What can you do to avoid any unethical practices?
  • What ethical guidelines or professional standards apply to the situation and can guide you in your decision-making?

Choose one scenario

  • Scenario 1:You are on the Curriculum Committee at your university. The committee must recommend an instructional solution system, which will be utilized by the university, to the Chief Academic Officer (CAO).. The committee narrows its choices down to three solution systems and decides to conduct a research study in order to compare findings related to the effectiveness of the three possible solution systems. The university is facing budget cuts, and the Curriculum Committee is hard pressed to find the staff and resources to conduct a proper study. A vendor that produces one of the instructional systems hears about this study and the possible budget cuts and offers to fund the study, and even supply the school with consultants to do much of the leg work. The committee is unsure if this is the best approach.
  • Scenario 2: You are the director of training for a community medical group. There is a new and controversial medical procedure that some of the doctors and nurses may be asked to perform by their patients. You are asked to conduct a literature review and compile a summary of the research that can be presented to the medical staff so that they can make a better informed decision regarding whether or not they want to perform or participate in the procedure. You already have multiple projects on your plate competing for your time, and don’t understand what all the fuss is about anyway. People are just too sensitive and should be able to perform necessary procedures requested of them by patients. You remember reading a few articles related to the procedure and the controversy in a couple of the journals that you subscribe to. You consider summarizing and presenting those and calling it a day.
  • Scenario 3: You are an instructional designer with a small consulting and training firm. As part of your job, you contract with subject matter experts (SME) to write training courses on various topics based on the needs of your clients. While reviewing the curriculum and content of a course just delivered by a new SME, you realize that some of the content sounds familiar to you. You conduct a quick Internet search on some of the key phrases, and realize that the SME has plagiarized some of the content and hasn’t cited the sources. The course has taken weeks to develop, and is due to your client in a few days. You consider the actions you should take in revising the course and in dealing with the SME
  • Scenario 4: Share your own scenario. Without revealing any identifying details, summarize and analyze a real-life ethical dilemma you have encountered related to the consumption, use, or conducting of research.


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