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Create a developmentally appropriate 1-week instructional math unit for a concept area of your choice, focusing on one age/grade level from pre-K to Grade 3

Wk 5 – Signature Assignment: Instructional Math Unit

Assignment Content

  1. Create a developmentally appropriate 1-week instructional math unit for a concept area of your choice, focusing on one age/grade level from pre-K to Grade 3. Use this template to help you include all requirements.

ECH 416 Week 5 Signature Assignment.docx

Include the following components in your instructional unit: Part 1: Unit Plan Provide the following information for your unit plan:

  • Title
  • Focus (i.e., content area and grade level)
  • Objectives

Describe the development of the unit by answering the following:

  • How is the content of the unit appropriate for the age/grade level chosen?
  • How will specific learning needs be addressed throughout the unit?
  • Which current learning theories influenced instructional decisions in the unit?
  • Which strategies for children’s motivation and engagement will be utilized in the unit?
  • How will formative and summative assessment be used in the unit to plan, evaluate, and strengthen instruction and to promote continuous learning?
  • How could children’s families be involved in the unit?
  • Consider the “family connection” in each lesson.
  • Be sure to reflect families’ language differences and cultural and/or ethnic diversity.

Part 2: Resources Toolkit Create an annotated bibliography of 5 books and resources that support your unit. Follow the guidelines below:

  • Books and resources should:
  • Include 2 targeted for teacher use and 3 targeted for student and family use
  • Comprise of at least 3 multimedia materials, including web-based resources
  • Be aligned with and support unit objectives
  • Account for the diversity of your learners, including English learners, varying math proficiency levels, and students with exceptional needs
  • Each annotation should be block indented and begin with the reference. All annotations should be in alphabetical order.
  • Explicitly connect the selected book or resource to the unit in 3 to 4 sentences.

Part 3: Lesson Plans Create 3 developmentally appropriate lesson plans for your unit. Do the following in each lesson plan:

  • Create objectives that:
  • Reflect various levels of thinking, including Bloom’s taxonomy or depth of knowledge
  • Are specific, measurable, and observable
  • State what children should know and be able to do
  • Align to content standards
  • Are age/grade-level and content-area appropriate
  • List materials used in the lesson, including any necessary handouts, resources, and learning tools.
  • Identify materials that can be used to develop children’s critical-thinking and problem-solving skills.
  • Detail an instructional sequence that is based on accurate math content and concepts that sets the stage for learning through lesson delivery and guided practice. In the sequence, ensure:
  • Activities are appropriate for the needs of young children who are culturally diverse and differentiated for those with exceptional learning needs (e.g., English learners, learning disabilities, gifted/talented).
  • Activities are meaningful for young children by connecting learning to prior knowledge, to the community, and to real-world experiences.
  • Activities foster young children’s appreciation and engagement in subject matter content and align to objectives and core concepts.
  • Activities incorporate both children’s and teacher’s use of technology.
  • A closure is provided
  • Teacher wrap-up
  • Final check for understanding
  • Time for independent practice (independently or small groups)
  • Include assessments:
  • One formative assessment (check for understanding) for each lesson that aligns to the lesson objective(s)
  • One summative assessment for the unit (assesses all unit objectives)
  • Analysis of assessment data and expected next steps for instruction and student support


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