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Exploring the Job Market; Develop a professional resume appropriate for a position seeking an employee with experience in mathematical modeling.

Exploring the Job Market. Mathematical modeling is becoming integral to many existing careers and is helping to create new ones. In this assignment, you will research a career of interest to you which utilizes mathematical modeling. Follow the steps to complete the assignment. Create a paper in a Word document for your response. Select fonts, […]

How can you share this process with students? What would they learn from this? How could repurposing problems help them acquire more in-depth knowledge of mathematical modeling as a 21st century learning strategy?

Transforming the Old Into New. Step 1. Select Look through the materials and resources you use to teach mathematics, and select a problem or activity that lends itself to refurbishing through the use of mathematical modeling. Step 2. Critique and Compose Formally critique the problem in a brief paper with an eye toward giving it […]

Analyze your data for the mean, median, and mode of each questions. Create a visual from this chapter: bar graph, box and whisker plot, histogram, stem and leaf plot. etc.

You have been charged with creating a survey for your community! The community is interested in having you create a survey and present the results at the next town hall meeting. In this project, students will: Learn about quantitative variables. Learn to analyze data for measures of central tendency (mean, median and mode) Learn to […]

Connect the vertices with all possible edges (there is a right number of edges). Mathematically test using Euler’s Theorem to indicate if a Euler Path, a Euler Circuit, or just a path is present.

This project will contain two parts, one dealing with you going to Animal Kingdom (Disney World, the other you are taking a visit to Sea World. Look up both theme parks maps on the internet and graph each scenario with vertices at the given locations and label the vertices with capitol letters from the name […]

Reflect on how mathematical laws, such as the laws of logarithms, govern the problem-solving process. Why should we know the laws of logarithms?

Students explain the different log laws and demonstrate their meaning by designing an interactive simulation. Create a 4- to 6-page paper (not including the title and references pages) in a Word document for your response. Use APA format for the paper and in-text citations. Create a title page and references page in APA format. Develop […]

Reflect on how mathematical laws, such as the laws of logarithms, govern the problem-solving process. Why should we know the laws of logarithms?

Students explain the different log laws and demonstrate their meaning by designing an interactive simulation. Use several sources to investigate the history of logarithmic equations and laws of logarithms. Make note of the dates, events, and relevance to the time period. Display the key events in a format of your choice. Select a video or […]

How would you respond to a student who sees little, or no, meaning in solving either problem? What misconceptions might these two problems present for students? Why is it important to address misconceptions early?

Logarithmic functions are complex and may create misconceptions. Students often see little, if any, reason for learning about them. Use the questions to guide an original response. Give an example of an exponential equation whose solution is a negative number. How could you plot the graph of a logarithmic function without starting with the exponential […]

Determine how you personally will apply graph theory in your specialization and Determine the applicability of graph theory in an area of specialization.

Application of Graph Theory. The famous Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler (1707–1783) started working in the area of graph theory in 1736. He successfully used graph theory to solve the Seven Bridges of Konigsberg problem.  Since then, others have used graph theory to solve problems in multiple fields, including the Chinese Postman Problem, DNA fragment assembly, […]

If you assign the direction up the ramp to be the positive x direction. Is the acceleration of the cart positive or negative?

Question 1: In the space below, draw the general pattern created the dots. You do need to draw every dot, just general pattern of the data. ( ie were the dots always the same distance apart? Did they get farther apart at one point and closer together at another?) This is my data: Times 1 […]

Provide a sentence for each confidence interval created in part c) which explains what the confidence interval means in context of topic of your project.

In Part I of this project, you will pick a topic, complete research and provide a write-up that includes calculations. Round all values to two decimal places when appropriate. Deliverables Choose a Topic where you can gather at least 50 pieces of data. Examples of Topics The Golden Gate Warriors Points Per Game in 2016 […]

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