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Business plan for “Brompton Electric Foldable Bicycles”-Develop your new business idea

Business plan for “Brompton Electric Foldable Bicycles”

BEMM384 Business Plan Template- Develop your new business idea

Cover Sheet- Title of your project

Table of Contents- A listing of the contents of your document


  • Executive Summary: (Approximately 1200 words)
  • Company Background: (Approximately 300 words)
  • Company History
  • Mission Statement
  • The Marketing Environment- Environmental Scanning: (Approximately 3000 words)
  • Microenvironment
  • Suppliers
  • Marketing Intermediaries
  • Competitors
  • Macroenvironment
  • Political Factors
  • Economic Factors
  • Socio-Cultural Factors
  • Technological Factors
  • Ecological Factors
  • Legal Factors


  • SWOT Analysis


  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Opportunities
  • Threats


  • Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning: Target Markets, Market Size, Segmentation Strategy, and Market Opportunities, Product/ Service Characteristics, Positioning Strategy. (Approximately 3500 words). Your product/ service will either be a business to consumer market (b to c) or a business to business product/ service (b to b). Only choose one (4.1 or 4.2) when developing your plan.


  • Target Market- Business to Consumer Markets


4.1.1 Demographic characteristics:

4.1.2 Psychographic characteristics:

4.1.3 Benefits sought:

4.1.4 Usage rate:

4.1.5 Geographic location:


  • Target Market-Business to Business Markets


  • Demographic Characteristics
    • Industry Type
    • Company Size
    • Location


  • Operating Variables
    • Technology
    • Types of User
    • Customer Capabilities
  • Purchasing Criteria
  • Product/ Service Characteristics
  • Brand Name and Product/ Service Name
  • Features and Benefits
  • Points of Differentiation
  • Positioning and Perceptual Map
  • Communication


  • Financial Considerations: (Approximately 1500-2000 words)
  • Price Strategy and Competitive Position
  • General Pricing Strategy:
  • Profit Maximization Strategy:


-OR- (choose OR not both)

  • Market Share Pricing:


  • Comparative Pricing Strategy:


  • Market Share


  • Sales Forecast


  • Summary: (Approximately 500 words)


Note: The word counts are approximations. They are meant as guides to give you an idea of how much content should be in each section. They are not prescriptions. What we mean here is that we are not marking you based on word counts, but the strength of your arguments. We use word counts as guides for you to signpost how much we think needs to be in each section. However, you may find that some sections may need to be longer or shorter than the approximate word counts based upon the data you have collected and the strength of your analysis. That is fine as long as you are ensuring that you are adequately arguing key points throughout the business plan project.

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