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What responsibility does the HR manager have for paying equally qualified employees?

Corporate Governance, Ethics, and Responsibility

Case, HR decision

At your company, imagine an HR manager who is hiring two employees. Assume that the top two candidates, one male and one female, are equally qualified and that the HR manager wishes to hire both. Assume that the HR manager himself will get evaluated, in part, by how well he controls compensation expenses. As a result, he has both a professional and personal responsibility to pay the lowest salary that is necessary to get the candidate to accept the position. At the last interview, the manager asks each about their salary expectations. Imagine that the female candidate asks for a salary that is substantially below what the male asks. He knows that the male may not accept the job offer at a lower salary, and knows that the female is willing to accept the lower offer.

Discussion Questions:

  1. How should we live?
    1. What responsibility does the HR manager have for paying equally qualified employees?
    2. If the manager pays the female less, would you characterize him as sexist? Is this decision unfair workplace discrimination?
    3. Imagine now that the HR manager is a woman? Would this change your judgment?
    4. How particular social contexts can shape decisions and, despite the best intentions of individuals involved, result in socially undesirable consequences.


  1. Ethical Leadership
  1. How might a HR manager or the CEO who seeks to end unequal salary structures change the work environment to address the dilemma of unequal pay resulting from unequal salary expectations among male and female candidates?



  1. Provide your answers without using any AI bots or websites. Make a clear discussion of the case considering your organization/company as where the case is.
  2. After completing your part, ask an AI bot or software to create answers for the discussion
  3. Make a deep comparison between your answers and the AI answers. Highlight your strengths and weaknesses and highlight the AI strengths and

Write a very short conclusion about benefits and concerns (if any) of using AI.


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