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Legal and ethical considerations – what would a counselor working with this client need to consider from a legal and ethical perspective?

Forrest Gump part 4 Develop the written case conceptualization. Please include the following areas for this paper: Contributing diagnostic factors – individual, neurological, physiological, and environmental. (Please include all four factors and how they contribute to Forrest’s overall diagnosis) Proposed diagnosis – High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder Legal and ethical considerations – what would a […]

Describe how you will provide reinforcement for Zoe as she learns the new skill so she can become more independent.

Zoe is a seventeen year old, high school student who has Autism Spectrum Disorder. She is non-verbal and uses an augmentative communication device to communicate her wants and needs. She does not seek out her peers or adults unless she needs something. She will use her communication device when prompted. One of her objectives is […]

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