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Describe the organization’s specific guidelines/policies regarding conducting research on each of the at-risk, human populations listed above. Explain the primary responsibilities and priorities of the IRB.

In a 3-page paper, written in APA format using proper spelling/grammar, conduct research on the topic of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) and address the following: Explain the primary responsibilities and priorities of the IRB. Identify an organization, such as a research hospital or pharmaceutical company, that involves human research subjects including all of the […]

Select a microeconomics topic that is not covered in the course, but that is of interest of you as long as you can explain and relate it to the basic principles learned in the course. Discuss your idea with your instructor.

In this course, you will study topics such as opportunity costs, supply and demand, consumer behavior, elasticity of demand, market structures, factor markets, wages, labor, unions, government and product market, anti-trust and regulations, international finance, and trade. As part of this course, you will demonstrate the application of microeconomics theory (as presented in your textbook) […]

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