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Demonstrate at least one mental “shortcut” similar to or different from Dr. Boaler’s methods to mentally solve one of the problems in a Sample UIL Number Sense Test.

Making Sense of Numbers Students’ mathematical sophistication should increase as they progress through school even as they are encountering similar tasks and problems. Although tasks and problems use easy-to-manipulate numbers at first, if students develop key conceptual understanding of the underlying mathematical structures, they should be able to transition to more complex number sets and […]

Write story problems for addition and subtraction of fractions.Determine if a story problem involves addition and subtraction of fractions.

a) Use appropriate representations to model fraction addition and subtraction, i.e. if given uncommon denominators, obtain pieces of the same size for both fractions then add or subtract these pieces. b) Interpret student misconceptions related to fraction addition and subtraction and explain how you will deal with those to develop their understanding. Example from class: […]

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