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Write a study of the character you have chosen, including what you have learned from the “Prologue,” from the comments, and from your own insights into the character.

Obtain a copy of the Canterbury Tales in a modern translation or access it using the Internet. Here is your goal for this assignment: Write a character analysis of one the characters from Canterbury Tales. Consider the monk, the friar, the franklin, and the parson. Select one of these four characters which you would like […]

Explain the Junto. How was it organized, who were its members, and what was its purpose? Discuss ONE new development that came from the Junto.

Your test answers should be written in short paragraphs, and the entire document should be at least 700 words in length (a well-documented exam will be much longer than this). 1. For whom does Franklin write his autobiography? Who is his audience? Describe the stages in which the book is written. (This information will be […]

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