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What do the artworks have in common? What are some differences? What do you attribute the differences to?

Conception, gestation, and birth have been the subject of narrative art since early human history. The artworks, ranging from small figurines to large scale sculpture, visualized the mystery & fascination of reproduction. In fact, reproduction is one of the earliest themes to emerge in the art historical record that occurred across time and cultures. Chapter […]

What are 3 main stages of child birth? Explain the important events that accour in each of the stages, looking at the physiological changes in the body.

1. COMPLETION NOTES: you need to cover the major changes in each stage ,i.e development of systems. Identify the major changes in embryonic and foetal development at the stages listed bellow. 1st trimester 2nd trimester 3rd trimester WORD COUNT:300 words. 2.COMPLETION NOTES: It is important to link structure and functions in your answers, for example […]

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