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What is the purpose of the argument? What does it hope to achieve? Who is the audience, and how do you know? Who is ignored or excluded? Any stakeholders left out? What appeals or techniques does the argument use–ethos, pathos, logos–and how?

Wright a substantive rhetorical analysis essay answering the following: Use these links: 1.)https://www.forbes.com/sites/robkaplan/2019/05/16/pointing-fingers-ocean-plastic-is-tragedy-of-the-commons/?sh=1bee4be3636a 2.) https://www.greenpeace.org/static/planet4-international-stateless/2019/11/8f290a4f-ghostgearfishingreport2019_greenpeace.pdf To what degree does the introduction do each of the following? Provide sufficient background to the situation. Consider what questions you have about the topic that aren’t answered in the introduction section. Engage the reader from the first line. Does […]

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