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Identify and describe the key factors that are likely to be effective in communicating with parents.

ASSIGNMENT As an experienced message designer, you have been asked to provide support for a meeting of the parents’ association at a school that has recently introduced many innovative technologies for students. A great deal of taxpayers’ money was used to completely renovate the school’s technology infrastructure, and then acquire and deploy many new technology-based […]

What elements/characteristics of the learners do you need to consider when deciding on instructional strategies and best practices for your plan? Design a survey that you would use to question teachers in order to determine which innovative technologies, instructional strategies, and methods of support they need most, so that the innovative technology plan is more readily, and effectively, used in the classroom.

Case Study. After speaking to the teachers and the assistant principal you realize that the problem may be different from that which the superintendent and the principal surmised. You determine that in order to get to the bottom of the problem, a more specific needs assessment from the teachers must be developed. You now know […]

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