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What likely factors could alter your recommendation? Does it make you more positive or more negative on the stock and why?

The summary contains the conclusions from each section of the investment report. What is your recommendation? Your recommendation is on facts and not opinion. • Discuss whether your reader should buy, hold, or sell the stock. Why? What factors make it a buy/sell/hold? A higher scoring paper will present the range of prices at which […]

Describe what concerns, issues, and societal impacts might result if each of the two advertisements were presented to the opposite countries. Explain the legal and cultural aspects of each advertisement.

Description For your Final Paper, locate one additional advertisement for the same product, using the same medium, but targeted for a different country (e.g., if you chose a print ad for Pepsi in the United States for Week 3, you might choose a print ad for Pepsi in Japan for this assignment). Although these two […]

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