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Do you have enough information now to make the decision to pursue this opportunity? What other information do you need in order to assess whether this potential opportunity might be worth pursuing?

ASSIGNMENT Your boss has asked you to brainstorm growth strategies for the corning year, and has specifically asked that you evaluate the profitability of extending the frozen pizza line to include more varieties. He is wondering if there may be opportunities in the marketplace that have not yet been addressed by any currently existing product […]

What does the result reveal about McDonald’s current positioning on these attributes, based strictly from your perception?

TASK McDonald’s is interested in your opinion of how it would stack up on a perceptual map against Burger King, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, and Chick-fil-A on the attributes of convenience and product quality. Create the map by putting convenience as the vertical axis (high at the top and low at the bottom) and product quality […]

How does a company create brand awareness? How does CVS compare with competitors?

How does a company create brand awareness? How does CVS compare with competitors? A perceptual map is a visual representation of two attributes of your product in relation to competitors. Using two attributes of your product create a perceptual map that shows your product relative to competitors. A good example of two attributes for an […]

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