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Describe the framework for SMS and the pillar you have selected for aviation maintenance safety culture and explain why it is important to overcome unsafe conditions within . aviation maintenance environment to promote safety.

Review the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Advisory Circular (AC) 120-92B that provides a framework for Safety Management System (SMS) development by aviation service providers along with its four pillars: Safety Policy and Objectives. Safety Risk Management. Safety Assurance. and Safety Promotion. In this discussion activity. after reviewing the four pillars of SMS. pick one of […]

What policies have been effective in the past? What are their pros and cons? How could the goal of the policy become more effective? What steps are required to change that policy and who should be involved?Discuss

Description This is PART 2 of your academic paper. It should be based on one of the topics shared and discussed in this course. Perhaps the most obvious topics will involve how public policy affects an aspect of public safety. The purpose of your paper is to demonstrate your in-depth knowledge of the topic you […]

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