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Identify the product, cost of implementation, availability of resources to implement, and the promotion of the plan.

Step 1 Select a group and a behavior to change. You may choose a family group, a social group, or a community group. Include information about environmental factors that may impact delivery of health promotion activities. For example, you might discuss if the group is rural or urban. access to transportation or computers and the […]

Discuss the importance of transaction processing system for the company and explain three key areas where it could impact the company?

Case Study: Easywear PLC has recently acquired the department store, Selfridges, for £10bn. The new management would like to implement few changes to make the company more competitive and add competitive advantages. Few revenue generating areas for New Look are women’s footwear, men’s trousers, and women’s accessories. Imagine they have hired you as CIO. In […]

What have you learned about nursing leadership and advocacy during Units III and IV? In what ways have the activities of public health program planning, social marketing, and health policy analysis and creation deepened your understanding of the scope of nursing practice?

Questions to reflect on as you craft your individual reflections are provided below. Students should reflect on these and write a succinct response which demonstrates an advanced undergraduate student level of analysis of the information engaged with during that unit. Students are challenged to “watch” their own understanding of public health nursing and epidemiology evolve […]

Discuss why you think the spokesperson is a good or bad choice for the “message source” and impact on attitude.

Description 1-Find an example of an advertising or social marketing campaign that uses a celebrity as a spokesperson. Discuss why you think the spokesperson is a good or bad choice for the “message source” and impact on attitude. 2-Use an advertisement to describe how a brand is using self-concept in the promotion. Include a link […]

Describe a social media platform you would use that is appropriate for communicating with the target population.a. Discuss the benefits of the selected social media platform in supporting preventative healthcare.

Part 1: Field Experience Project SubmissionNote: Your timelog must be submitted with your assessment. If both are not submitted at the same time, your task may be returned to you without evaluation.A. Submit a completed “Community Health Field Experience Timelog” by doing the following:1. Include the date of each activity. 2. Include a brief description […]

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