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How does gender, sexuality, queerness, and other forms of difference impact how we see Asia, and Asian bodies? How and why do these texts express this lived experience differently?

I would like Essay to be comprised of easy words in a sense that is not to wordy.Your task in this paper is to compare the artistic readings for this section to produce a critical conversation among texts and understandings of queerness, Easiness, sexuality, and race. Use the critical texts, keywords, and class lectures/discussions to inform your comparison. You should not simply reiterate what a thinker says and then use the artwork to prove that this is true. Instead, write your own original argument and interpretation of the artwork that is informed by, contrasting with, or deviating from the critical framework. A good incorporation of critical work can change the way we look at the art, or change the way we look at the theory, or both.You must use at least three texts from this section of the course. You should examine too the contemporary historical, cultural, political or economic context to help establish the texts’ intentions (what it is responding to) and its impact.Following is the 3 text Madame Butterfly ( attached ) Rolling the rs https://drive.google.com/file/d/18v91JI0K6nYIsu9GWtKjBm1wQghMkX9v/view?usp=sharing<br>- Edward said ( attached file ) M butterfly ( attached file ) In terms of academic writing, I expect you to:Make a complex and significant argument that impacts the reader’s conceptions, his/her values, or knowledge of an alternative solution.Articulate your stakes. Why are you making this argument? What is its purpose? Be exploration and thoughtful. Think of how the language and structure of your essay makes sense for the concepts you want to understand.

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