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Ways to improve assessment and evaluation system.

Regen’s 1981 Tax Cuts comparison to Trump’s TC 2017

When it comes to tax cut,  people usually relate it to simulating the economy. This paper will discuss the relationship between Regen’s 1981 Tax Cuts and Trump’s TC 2017. And how the TC may not work well as public expected. I outlined the structure of this paper in the attachment. Please follow the outline and paraphrase and expend a little on what I wrote.

I need a professional paper addressing PhD scholars and universities professors. Please find below the Information.Challenges of Nation and Education System in Pakistan.This research seminar will be based on national challenges/ issues and role of education in addressing these challenges with sub themes:• Emerging needs and importance of moral education• Sustainable development and national prosperity • Competition at global level: Knowledge economies •Ways to improve assessment and evaluation system.This research seminar will open the new horizons in the field of education and will help to align the education at secondary and higher level with emerging national needs and priorities in a shortest possible span of time. This event will provide a platform for deans, directors, policy makers, curriculum developer teachers and students to share their knowledge and experiences regarding making reforms in education system.  This seminar will provide a forum for discussion about identifying existing gaps in national needs and education system. Unfortunately, in Pakistan the future needs are not properly visualized that cause impractical and unrealistic policies that are hard to meet. So this 2 days seminar would offer an open place for discussion to identify national needs and discrepancies in existing educational policy and education system that would lead practical suggestions and experts views about how to bridge gap between national needs and education system to meet future demands.

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