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Write a cohesive, grammatically correct analysis that analyzes specific setting symbols. Be sure to study the model analysis and the lectures on symbols.

Read carefully through the instructions below. It is important to follow these when writing this Symbols Analysis paper.
1) Follow this link to read “Paul’s Case” by Willa Cather:
***Hello, please ed/ss006.HTML
2) I will also attach the instructions in a separate word document for your reference as well as the sample Model Setting Symbols Paper (word doc attachment). Our professor wants us to emulate the quality of writing in this model so it is crucial that
Course: English 1302 you read through it and try to do that. Please make sure to look at both attachments, especially Symbols Analysis Paper: Paul’s Case by Willa Cather the instructions attachment. It may be easier to read than this.
Thank you for your help!
Topic: “Paul’s Case, Cather
Length: 600-800 words (no padding:)
Description: Write a cohesive, grammatically correct analysis that analyzes specific setting symbols. Be sure to study the model analysis and the lectures on symbols.
Make certain that the conflicts and the body of the paper (the symbolic analyses) support/reflect the themes!

30 points–Intro (one paragraph) Note: I’m not looking for a plot summary this time; I want you to jump right in with several specific conflicts. It’s a more sophisticated analysis.
1. Begin with a one sentence summary of plot. Include author’s name and story title.
2. Identify Paul’s major conflicts in some depth (4 or so sentences). Do not state, “An external (or internal) conflict is . . . .” Just identify them.
3. At end of paragraph, state the themes and sub-themes. Do not explain the themes; just state them. Use correct theme format! Make sure that the themes reflect the rest of the paper! Worth 10 pt.!

70 points–Body Around 1 ½ pages. Short ‘n tight is sweet. Break into logical paragraphs.
The bulk of your analysis is to identify and interpret setting symbols. I’m looking for at least 40 specific symbols. It’s not that hard to do–just study the model and you’ll see how many symbols you can fit into a paragraph or even a sentence. Some of the symbols suggest the same things, so you can even combine them in one sentence. You do not need to bold each symbol.
For instance, in “The Chrysanthemums”: Elisa’s life is much like the grey flannel fog–dull, functional, and hard to decipher.
Incorporate examples of irony and tone in your paper as you write.
Organize your paper chronologically. Start with the first scene in the story and analyze specific symbols as they appear, continuing to analyze setting symbols in the ensuing scenes. Probably you’ll start new paragraphs when you begin to discuss a new scene.
Although you should NOT label them as such, you must include examples of the following: Universal symbols
Objects as symbols You do NOT need to include characters
Contextual symbols Actions as symbols as symbols.

Conclusion If you go through setting symbols chronologically, you needn’t worry about a conclusion. Since you’ll finish with the last scene, the paper will have a cohesive end.

Be real specific. Do not, for instance, merely say that “It’s winter, so it’s death.” Find a specific quote/example from the story and analyze how the symbol reflects the protagonist’s conflict at that moment or, perhaps, foreshadows what will happen to the character—study examples!
*Remember, as always, write like I’ve read the story. Do not lapse into plot summary. Write tight*

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